My basic consulting line to fledgling window washers

I got an email from a high school classmate of mine. I’ve been watching him talk about looking for work on his facebook profile. Norm was kind of shy in school. He was fairly quiet (though he let himself go on stage as an entertainer and actor), he always seemed humble and incredibly kind hearted.

I’ve bugged him a couple of times about getting his own gig going. Window Washing is such a great way to do that. It’s simple and straightforward and anyone with a modicum of strength and fortitude can do it. Recently he emailed me asking, “so you said about starting a business…”

Here’s my reply.

“yes!!! I’m so happy to hear from you. this reassures me that I have a market for my vision. I’m currently working on a series of articles that will become an e-book and kindle thing that will answer all your questions. its about soaking the neighbors by washing windows.
First I’d say get yourself online and find the nearest janitorial supply and buy yourself a short brass Ettore squeegee say 5″ and a longer one say 14″. And an 18″ t-bar mop. Total investment about $30.
Next find a five gallon bucket and a bunch of old towells. Fill that bucket with 3 gallons water and a healthy squirt of dish soap. Dunk your window mop then ring it out with your hands 3 or 4 times. now mop the window down (I assume you’re at home) over wash. again and again. then wait a minute and wash it again. the water and soap need time to break down the grime and negative thoughts that have built up over time.
Now with your finger and a dry towel draw a dry area all around the edge of the window. Then seat your big squeegee firmly at the edge of the window at the dry area and drag down firm and straight from top to bottom. Start by practicing on your own home windows first then wash moms, grandmas and friends next. practice and get good. the more you give, the more you’ll get. even if you cant wash windows very well, youwill make window look better then if they hadnt’ been washed at all. by practicing you’ll get better. by printing up some little flyers and postcards and business cards you’ll start to get your name out there and get some gigs. If you’re focused and determined and recognize the number game of sales then you’ll find the yesses through all the noes.
If you really wanna learn then go in the phone book and call all the window washers/cleaners in your area and try to get them to hire you. You’re trust worthy, strong, healthy and handy with tools. I bet with a little persistence and friendly banter you could land a job as a window cleaner and get some really good training.
I learned from Dave Beecher Quality Window Washing in Vancouver. He’s in the phone book. He’s an excellent window washer and a great teacher. Ultimately my inspiration to be a small town residential window washer at this point in my life.
Got any great sellable t-shirt ideas? I can teach you how to screen print too.
You can do it,

So that’s what I told him. And that’s the message at the heart of the book I’m working on for fledgling window washers. It’s pretty simple. Just practice a bit then think about what you have to do to get someone to give you money for helping them.

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