Window Washing by Elijah Wilson: The Legacy Carries on

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It's that calm confidence that makes a good residential window cleaner. Elijah Wilson has it.

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Elijah Wilson, my eldest son, has seen the light through the clean glass and realized a simple zen life with mop and squeegee can be quite delightful. He’s on his way to Santa Barbara soon. He is Window Washing by Elijah Wilson.
It was great that he called recently, asked to visit and learn the West Coast window cleaning trade.
I indulged him, showed him a few examples of mop and squeegee and detail technique, and he took right away to the simple hand tools we use to clean glass.
We had a strong week, working two 12 hour days in some pretty intense Ojai sun. If you’re thinking of moving here to this snake infested hellish dessert, don’t. You wouldn’t like it. It’s far too hot. Stay where you are in your convenience zones, Ojai is probably a little too brutal for you.

Window Washing, Window Cleaning, Santa Barbara

Really scrubbing a window is the only way to get it truly clean. Elijah Wilson can do that. Dang that window got clean.

We hit the road for Yosemite; our pockets bulging with clean window dollars. After a few miles walk to a good view of Half Dome and back, we pressed on to the Carson Valley to see Todd and visit Lake Tahoe. Washed the windows in Todd’s house in Minden and then swum again in Tahoe’s Emerald Bay, cruised up and over Lassen, across the state and into Arcata, California where we did one final West Coast California window washing job for my favorite boss ever Janet. Her home is a sweet ultra modern in an ancient redwood grove. Amazing and what a delight it was to spend time with her again after a dozen years.
Elijah spent the next five days with me in the car mostly popping from draw jopping scenic site to camera clickable site in the green and gray Pacific Northwest. He flew out of Portland and I drove home a week or so ago.
Now, back in Minnesota, he texts me today, “Booked my first window washing job. My neighbor for $200 tomorrow.”
It’s on. He’s doing it. And he’s talking about becoming a personal trainer too. I admire that he’s serious and actually working at it.
And he’s booked a flight to Santa Barbara for 11th of September, 2013.
I’m certain with a bit of get-it-on and stick-to-itvness he’s going to book more work and find that people enjoy afordable window washing and cleaning services in Santa Barbara.
I’m happy to help him with getting started. But I don’t think he needs much. This is a hobby/craft that pays for itself pretty handsomely. Its hard work, but I’ve seen him do it and I know he will build a select clientele where ever he sets his mind to it.
Congratulations to Window Washing by Elijah Wilson in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria.

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Wearing the Squeegee Liberty design, Elijah Wilson realized that true freedom can be found in providing clarity.

I vouch for his quality and care in thoroughly and professionally cleaning the windows in your home. Call him today.

To get a free window cleaning estimate, call Window Washing by Elijah Wilson 415-404-8906 or email


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