The revolution will be paneful. T-shirt design from Chris T. Wilson

Squeegee Revolution T-Shirt.

If you raise your fist, then get to work.

Buy this organic cotton shirt made in California, USA. Designed and hand printed with water-based ink by artist, writer and window washer Chris T. Wilson of Ojai.

In this design, I am attempting to capture the greater intention behind what drives me to be a window washer and that which I hope to impart to others embarking on a sole proprietor window cleaning path. It’s simple straightforward and iconic. It’s about thinking small and being of service. I am a light worker. A clariforce.

By bringing more lights into people’s lives I engage in the currency and the fight against our terrestrial chaos. What I mean by this is that by washing windows all I’m really doing is removing temporarily the cosmic dust of the universe that comes from without and from within. The revolution of clean must be repeated, the power is in the practice and the exercise of cleaning without works deep magic on the soul of the cleaner and elevates the mind of the cleaned simply by raising the eyes. What you’re doing is profound.

Light is life. Lets catch and spread the most of it. I’m on a mission to spread the love of hand washed windows. Please buy a shirt for yourself or a loved one to help further this cause for the greater good.

Thank you!


If you want to know more about the squeegee and design and cleaning and craft and writing and consulting skills of Chris T. Wilson visit or email DO it.

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