Power to the “Squeegeelution” goes international.

ojai window cleaning by chris wilson squeegee power squeegeelution revolution fist

First came the idea, then I took this picture of my fist with a squeegee and that became the "Squeegeelution" design

I was really pleased to get an email recently from Jan Hanson of TimeSolution.dk in Skovlund Denmark. He said he liked my ideas about window washing and being a light worker and then asked me if he could order some “Squeegeelution” t-shirts. We worked out the details and now Squeegee Power t-shirts are being sold to window cleaners in Denmark.
This got me thinking, ‘hey, maybe these shirts can be sold all over the world…’ So I’m doing research and finding window cleaning suppliers in other parts of Europe, then I’ll move on to Australia, Asia and Africa. I want every window cleaner in the world to see this design, love it and own it.
I’m so grateful for J.Racenstein for taking the leap and spreading the Squeegee Power message to their customers. And that the word has made it to Scandinavia.
Thank you to my veritable brothers and sisters who raise a squeegee-fitted fist each day in a clarity solidarity.
Please contact me by email chris@windowashing.com if you would like to get a custom printed “Squeegeelution” t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie or huck towell. I will make it for you and mail it right away. Also if you can recommend reputable international window cleaning suppliers that I can sell samples to, I would really appreciate it.


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