It’s what’s inside that counts…

I spent the past few days working on a Window Washing series of hand printed and tie dyed organic cotton tote bags. Inside each tote I printed my window washing by Chris Wilson logo with my phone number (805) 208-9254.

Window Washing by Chris Wilson in Ojai, California window cleaning, window washing, service, residential specialist.

Everytime you look inside you'll remember who made this for you.

One coupon in the new Ojai Valley Directory offers a free tote bag or t-shirt to anyone who buys more than $200 in window cleaning services.

See a full gallery of images on my facebook page here.

window washing by chris wilson in ojai valley, california window cleaning, residential specialist.

here's the coupon from the OV Directory that could score you a free tote or t-shirt.

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A Living Art

The living art of window washing grows and evolves at its own pace inside each window cleaner. Once rooted, even repeated swings at college and a writing career have no power to deter the true window washer from emerging on blue-sky days, to enhance visuals and let the sunlight in.

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Spring time bicycle marketing

Window Washing by Chris Wilson Ojai California Post Card

That you better call today...

I’m off this morning to tape post cards to my neighbors mail boxes. I’m anticipating a very good return from my crafty catchphrase marketing campaign.

It’s Very Clear…. That you better… Call today…

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Best window washing experience in Ojai and beyond

call chris wilson for window washing 805-208-9254

hand printed window washing cards

There’s nothing more Zen, more Feng Shui, or more Godlike perhaps than clean windows. And taking that one step further, there’s nothing better than having a window washing by Chris Wilson backed by the intention to truly clear the mental, emotional and spiritual clutter that dirty windows represent.

We are all in a constant state of evolution, resolution and revolution in a beautiful spiraling whirlwind of chaos. We are swirling through space on a wet, windy and dusty fun ball. The world is busy making a mess of your windows. Chris Wilson is an experience. He is a specialist. He will safely and securely remove the world from your windows. With clean windows comes a sense of relaxation and relief. Fears and worries drop away and your mind will lift naturally into a clear, creative and elevated place.

Seriously its that simple. Look at your windows. You know its time. Call today.


The home focus of Window Washing by Chris Wilson is the fine residences of Ventura County’s Ojai Valley in Southern California. Wilson also makes an annual Spring trip through Nevada, Northern California, Oregon and Washington to service special the Western States most demanding and refined clients.

For a free estimate call (805) 208-9254 or email:

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