Power to the “Squeegeelution” goes international.

ojai window cleaning by chris wilson squeegee power squeegeelution revolution fist

First came the idea, then I took this picture of my fist with a squeegee and that became the "Squeegeelution" design

I was really pleased to get an email recently from Jan Hanson of TimeSolution.dk in Skovlund Denmark. He said he liked my ideas about window washing and being a light worker and then asked me if he could order some “Squeegeelution” t-shirts. We worked out the details and now Squeegee Power t-shirts are being sold to window cleaners in Denmark.
This got me thinking, ‘hey, maybe these shirts can be sold all over the world…’ So I’m doing research and finding window cleaning suppliers in other parts of Europe, then I’ll move on to Australia, Asia and Africa. I want every window cleaner in the world to see this design, love it and own it.
I’m so grateful for J.Racenstein for taking the leap and spreading the Squeegee Power message to their customers. And that the word has made it to Scandinavia.
Thank you to my veritable brothers and sisters who raise a squeegee-fitted fist each day in a clarity solidarity.
Please contact me by email chris@windowashing.com if you would like to get a custom printed “Squeegeelution” t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie or huck towell. I will make it for you and mail it right away. Also if you can recommend reputable international window cleaning suppliers that I can sell samples to, I would really appreciate it.


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Squeegee Power Decals have arrived.

The Squeegeelution Power to the Squegee Decals by Chris T. Wilson

Power to the Squeegee! Take that dirty windows.

Buy now for $5 free shipping in USA.

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Fun meeting celebrities: The Dude

I was riding my bike from Oak View to Ojai on the Ojai Valley Trail bike path. Saw actor Jeff Bridges and his wife Susan walking along near the Ojai Valley Inn. Past them at first with a nod of recognition. They knew it was me knowing it was them. And after a few more blocks I buckled, turned around and asked for a pic. He was cool. I gave him a card and asked him to give me a jingle if he needs his windows washed. I’m pretty sure he’ll call. Right?

Jeff Bridges, Ojai, CA, Chris Wilson, windowashing, Ojai Window Cleaning, window washing, celebrities

Fun with photoshop. This will be super cool when it were true.

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Washing Windows for Todd’s Birthday

This is what I get when I go visit friends and offer to wash their windows as a birthday gift. As usual I get a big dose of creative inspiration from the darling Todd and Stephanie, Kai and Piper, dogs Franklin and Norman and cats Ivy and Meatball.

build animated gif
Todd does the robot

Thanks so much to you wonderful friends. I adore and admire you two so much. Todd and Stephanie rule!

I have had a wonderful week visiting the Carson Valley of Northern Nevada. In fact, I had so much fun that I created a t-shirt design just for their lovely little town of Minden, NV. Enjoy!

Minden NV, T-shirt, screen printing, Chris T. Wilson, Ojai

Just Minden My Own Business T-shirt by yours truly. Buy it today and be the first to own it.

The image above is just my design, text market mockup. I will be burning the screen for the Minden shirt and printing the first testers when I get back home to Ojai later this week. So, I am offering free shipping on all U.S. pre-orders of the Minden My Own Business Shirt. Be bold and order today and be the first. Get it before Wal*Mart picks it up and makes your original into the rightful hipster small town iconic t-shirt that it is. Do it.



Questions? Wanna buy your friend a birthday window washing? Call (805) 208-9254 or email chris@windowashing.com Right now Babe!

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Low Tech Screen Printing the Squeegeelution T-shirt design.

I screen print t-shirts. What can I say? I have an affinity for squeegees. Here’s a video that shows the process from start to finish. Design to completion. I came up with this design as a response to the revolutionary sentiments of our times. If you’re going to raise your fist in the air, be sure you’re ready to get to work. Enjoy!

You can order your very own shirt here or by simply scrolling down the blog a bit.

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My basic consulting line to fledgling window washers

I got an email from a high school classmate of mine. I’ve been watching him talk about looking for work on his facebook profile. Norm was kind of shy in school. He was fairly quiet (though he let himself go on stage as an entertainer and actor), he always seemed humble and incredibly kind hearted.

I’ve bugged him a couple of times about getting his own gig going. Window Washing is such a great way to do that. It’s simple and straightforward and anyone with a modicum of strength and fortitude can do it. Recently he emailed me asking, “so you said about starting a business…”

Here’s my reply.

“yes!!! I’m so happy to hear from you. this reassures me that I have a market for my vision. I’m currently working on a series of articles that will become an e-book and kindle thing that will answer all your questions. its about soaking the neighbors by washing windows.
First I’d say get yourself online and find the nearest janitorial supply and buy yourself a short brass Ettore squeegee say 5″ and a longer one say 14″. And an 18″ t-bar mop. Total investment about $30.
Next find a five gallon bucket and a bunch of old towells. Fill that bucket with 3 gallons water and a healthy squirt of dish soap. Dunk your window mop then ring it out with your hands 3 or 4 times. now mop the window down (I assume you’re at home) over wash. again and again. then wait a minute and wash it again. the water and soap need time to break down the grime and negative thoughts that have built up over time.
Now with your finger and a dry towel draw a dry area all around the edge of the window. Then seat your big squeegee firmly at the edge of the window at the dry area and drag down firm and straight from top to bottom. Start by practicing on your own home windows first then wash moms, grandmas and friends next. practice and get good. the more you give, the more you’ll get. even if you cant wash windows very well, youwill make window look better then if they hadnt’ been washed at all. by practicing you’ll get better. by printing up some little flyers and postcards and business cards you’ll start to get your name out there and get some gigs. If you’re focused and determined and recognize the number game of sales then you’ll find the yesses through all the noes.
If you really wanna learn then go in the phone book and call all the window washers/cleaners in your area and try to get them to hire you. You’re trust worthy, strong, healthy and handy with tools. I bet with a little persistence and friendly banter you could land a job as a window cleaner and get some really good training.
I learned from Dave Beecher Quality Window Washing in Vancouver. He’s in the phone book. He’s an excellent window washer and a great teacher. Ultimately my inspiration to be a small town residential window washer at this point in my life.
Got any great sellable t-shirt ideas? I can teach you how to screen print too.
You can do it,

So that’s what I told him. And that’s the message at the heart of the book I’m working on for fledgling window washers. It’s pretty simple. Just practice a bit then think about what you have to do to get someone to give you money for helping them.

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The revolution will be paneful. T-shirt design from Chris T. Wilson

Squeegee Revolution T-Shirt.

If you raise your fist, then get to work.

Buy this organic cotton shirt made in California, USA. Designed and hand printed with water-based ink by artist, writer and window washer Chris T. Wilson of Ojai.

In this design, I am attempting to capture the greater intention behind what drives me to be a window washer and that which I hope to impart to others embarking on a sole proprietor window cleaning path. It’s simple straightforward and iconic. It’s about thinking small and being of service. I am a light worker. A clariforce.

By bringing more lights into people’s lives I engage in the currency and the fight against our terrestrial chaos. What I mean by this is that by washing windows all I’m really doing is removing temporarily the cosmic dust of the universe that comes from without and from within. The revolution of clean must be repeated, the power is in the practice and the exercise of cleaning without works deep magic on the soul of the cleaner and elevates the mind of the cleaned simply by raising the eyes. What you’re doing is profound.

Light is life. Lets catch and spread the most of it. I’m on a mission to spread the love of hand washed windows. Please buy a shirt for yourself or a loved one to help further this cause for the greater good.

Thank you!


If you want to know more about the squeegee and design and cleaning and craft and writing and consulting skills of Chris T. Wilson visit christwilson.com or email chris@windowashing.com. DO it.

Like Window Washing by Chris Wilson on Facebook.

Follow @christwilson on Twitter.

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The Window Washing How To Book

I got some good inspiration today while shooting pics for my other blog alsofra.blogspot.com. I was listening to the WTFpod.com podcast from Marc Maron with Jillian Laurel. She was a high dollar call girl and number one girl for the Sultan of Brunei some years back, but now is married to Weezer bassist what’s name.
Any way, she said in terms of how she was able to focus and write her book was to “write it like no one is going to read it.”
FFFF##, that did it for me I got to work tonight and really fleshed out the table of contents and the first few chapters of my how to book about washing windows.
I’ve been at this for 21 years now. Some years barely, but in the beginning and a bit in the early middle and recently, I’ve been really pushing this skill.
So I’m writing about it. I’m telling how I’ve been doing it for the past 21 very odd years and putting it into a format where another person could download the book at a very reasonable price and learn the basics of the WindowWashingCraft.

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Window Washing by Chris Wilson Now on Google Places

My good friend and colleague Garret Daun of Radical Undoing (easily one of the greatest personal transformation technologies I’m aware of) recently brought Google Places to my attention, so I went through the process of setting it up for WWxCW.

Combined with some great word of mouth gossip about my excellent service, occasional post card distribution, Ojai Valley News ads, VCAM placemat ads at Bonnie Lu’s and Don Lalo’s restaurants, I’m certain the Places listing will Shirley drive even more new and repeat customers my way.

To celebrate this wonderful occasion and achievement, I’ll give 10 percent off cleaning for the first 10 customers to write reviews of my service on Google Places.

Yes, I’m just that stoked on it.

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It’s what’s inside that counts…

I spent the past few days working on a Window Washing series of hand printed and tie dyed organic cotton tote bags. Inside each tote I printed my window washing by Chris Wilson logo with my phone number (805) 208-9254.

Window Washing by Chris Wilson in Ojai, California window cleaning, window washing, service, residential specialist.

Everytime you look inside you'll remember who made this for you.

One coupon in the new Ojai Valley Directory offers a free tote bag or t-shirt to anyone who buys more than $200 in window cleaning services.

See a full gallery of images on my facebook page here.

window washing by chris wilson in ojai valley, california window cleaning, residential specialist.

here's the coupon from the OV Directory that could score you a free tote or t-shirt.

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