Squeegee Power contest with Window Cleaning Resource

Squeegeelution and Statue of LIberty brought together

Bring me your tired, dirty windows.

So I have recently inked a deal with Window Cleaning Resource dot com supply house to market, promote and expand on the Squeegeelution design. I wanted to work with Chris and Alex and the WCR team because I’ve appreciated the fun, youthful and active sensibilities they bring to the industry. Together we can bring this iconic design to a wide variety of products and promotional materials and give a new level of awareness to the window cleaning family.

So, to get things started we’re doing a design contest that allows window cleaners the opportunity to create a design around the Squeegeelution and submit it to WCR for printing on a limited edition t-shirt.

The contest begins today. Here’s a link to the contest and below I’ve posted a nice big png version of the design that you can right-click and save-as for manipulation in your favorite image design program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Squeegeelution, Chris T. Wilson, design contest, Window Cleaning Resource, WCR

fellow squeegee wranglers, right click, save as, then get artistic.

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