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Collab shirt with WCR

A new super limited Squeegee Power shirt came out this week on Window Cleaning Resource.

And then Robinson Solutions out of Palma De Mallorca whipped up a salad of delicious windowashing post quotes on his massive world wide window washing blog this morning.

Front Entrance

Love Glen Muse

Then I went to Glen Muse to wash windows and there were girls dancing and a guy guitaring in a giant crystal merkaba in under frondy fairlyland leaves. and they spoke of ceremony and hit drums that the chanted Ojai while I was on a ladder washing a leaded glass oval over the front door. I was smiling, later I met one of the Merkaba whoopers, named Pray or perhaps Prey, I din’t inquire as to the spelling of his “name.” But man he sure did warm up the strings on the baby grand inside and sang hard and passionate in a epic Broadway sort of way. And the girls danced in that flaily free form arm waving way they do there and I smiled while I worked.

later in the Asia house, I’d seen a young woman through the foggy crankety-arm 80s Andersen windows in the breakfast nook. Her hair is chestnut and ironed long like a Baez ballad and she is gone when I enter. I can hear her vocalizing in the back somewhere and I wash the front room and then off through the kitchen, over the sink and then the bay of the nook where she’d been set. Once I’m done with the nook, I head back to the bedroom and say hi to her in the bathroom. She quotes Emmerson to me I think, something about moving with the flow of the time of nature. I apologized for intruding on her toilet, but she was dressed and fussing with eyebrows or something and I don’t suffer nomads with strict manners. They’ve lived on the road, through the forests of Bolivia and the beaches of Santa Cruz, to the intentional communities that apparently exist here and there, they can handle a smiling window washer asking permission to pass and wash the glass. And she granted. And we visited briefly and I moved on.

It’s a vortex. Always dynamic, loose and wildly creative souls floating around there. Guess that’s why Mario called it the Hippy Playboy Mansion. When you buy or rent, please let them know you were referred by Chris T. Wilson.


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