New work shirt. I “Squeegeelution” Ojai

I was supposed to be working on another project, so I decided to make a new t-shirt incorporating the Squeegeelution design into the traditional “I <3 Place” concept. I love living in Ojai, I love screen printing and I love window washing. I’m a squeegee freak I guess.

I Squeegeelution Ojai t-shirt design by Chris T. Wilson

Get it custom made for your town.

Since I screen print, I would like to offer this design customized to your territory so you can show off your regional pride and your sweet squeegee power skills. Do you washing windows in New York? I can make “I Squeegeelution NY.” Or where ever you may be. I’m thinking it would be like a 5 shirt minimum for $100. ¬†Or 2 tees, 1 long sleeve, and 1 Hoody for $120, plus shipping. I use Gildans and Jerzees at this price point.

If that sounds appealing or interesting email me: and we will work out the details.

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