She’s got a thing for glass

window cleaning, miranda teel, pilchuck, la conner

She definitely has a job in Ojai.

Driving through the town of La Conner, Washington on a very recent Pacific Northwest road trip, I caught a glimpse of a familiar site: a window washer in a parking lot of a house turned retail space.

What made it slightly less than familiar is that the washer was a she wearing a Ninja BOAB slung from a simple cloth belt. She was tall and thin, with a pony tail and a fiery red tatoo on her shoulder. I had to stop and go say “hello.”

miranda teel, pilchuck glass school, la conner, washington, window cleaning

Solid basic technique makes windows very happy.

Miranda Teel has a thing for glass. She’s washed windows professionally and for hire for several years now. Local janitor suppliers don’t cut it, so she buys her squeegees and supplies from Windows101 in Seattle. But in addition to that she’s a staffer at the Pilchuck Glass School. She’s a glass artist. That’s pretty cool.

She was kind enough to visit with me for a few moments and graciously accepted a SqueegeePower Decal and a few pics.

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