Washing Windows for Todd’s Birthday

This is what I get when I go visit friends and offer to wash their windows as a birthday gift. As usual I get a big dose of creative inspiration from the darling Todd and Stephanie, Kai and Piper, dogs Franklin and Norman and cats Ivy and Meatball.

build animated gif
Todd does the robot

Thanks so much to you wonderful friends. I adore and admire you two so much. Todd and Stephanie rule!

I have had a wonderful week visiting the Carson Valley of Northern Nevada. In fact, I had so much fun that I created a t-shirt design just for their lovely little town of Minden, NV. Enjoy!

Minden NV, T-shirt, screen printing, Chris T. Wilson, Ojai

Just Minden My Own Business T-shirt by yours truly. Buy it today and be the first to own it.

The image above is just my design, text market mockup. I will be burning the screen for the Minden shirt and printing the first testers when I get back home to Ojai later this week. So, I am offering free shipping on all U.S. pre-orders of the Minden My Own Business Shirt. Be bold and order today and be the first. Get it before Wal*Mart picks it up and makes your original into the rightful hipster small town iconic t-shirt that it is. Do it.



Questions? Wanna buy your friend a birthday window washing? Call (805) 208-9254 or email chris@windowashing.com Right now Babe!

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