The Window Washing How To Book

I got some good inspiration today while shooting pics for my other blog I was listening to the podcast from Marc Maron with Jillian Laurel. She was a high dollar call girl and number one girl for the Sultan of Brunei some years back, but now is married to Weezer bassist what’s name.
Any way, she said in terms of how she was able to focus and write her book was to “write it like no one is going to read it.”
FFFF##, that did it for me I got to work tonight and really fleshed out the table of contents and the first few chapters of my how to book about washing windows.
I’ve been at this for 21 years now. Some years barely, but in the beginning and a bit in the early middle and recently, I’ve been really pushing this skill.
So I’m writing about it. I’m telling how I’ve been doing it for the past 21 very odd years and putting it into a format where another person could download the book at a very reasonable price and learn the basics of the WindowWashingCraft.

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