Where can I get that super cute Ojai Smiley Face sticker on your green bucket?

I’ve been asked this question a lot by my clients. “Where can I get that cute Ojai Smiley Face logo decal sticker on your cool green bucket?”

Window Washing Ojai Chris Wilson Ojai Smiley Face Decal California

An Ojai Smiley Face decal by Chris Wilson looks great almost anywhere, even on a window washing bucket

Well here you go. I just recently had a handful of these made by a high-quality vinyl decal company here in the good ol’ USofA.

The Ojai Smiley Face decal looks great on a car window, a skateboard, a notebook, or your special Ojai filing cabinet. This is the essence of thinking small. Because the Ojai Smiley Face Decal measures 3.3 inches and only cost $3 and shipping is free to anywhere in the USofA.

I’ll give you a free decal if you get your windows washed.

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